New partnership with Football Queensland

June 24, 2015

Nexus Partners are excited to announce a new partnership with Football Queensland. This partnership gives each football club in Queensland the opportunity to raise funds for their club using the Nexus Partners Fundraising Initiative Program.

The service is simple and effective and has already been used by many clubs and associations across Australia with funds raised going towards new equipment, club renovations and end of season presentation nights. The process works by members referring anyone who may be interested in a loan via Nexus Partners to their preferred Bank or lending institution on the Nexus Partners panel. If the loan settles the club could be eligible to receive up to $2000! Previous fundraising activities could see members volunteering for hours to be able to raise this type of financial reward, where as a simple referral takes just seconds.

Fundraising example

To learn more about this initiative or if you are interesting in registering your sports club or association, please email