Partner Benefits

Our Benefits for Referral Partners

Manage client needs and build revenue

Our service not only provides your business with a strong additional revenue stream, but also offers an important strategic aspect to your business. In the wake of reduced margins and commissions across financial planning and other industries, many client advisers are now looking at providing alternative service offerings with a view to diversifying their own revenue base. Such a move highlights the importance of providing broader client solutions and building additional revenue sources that have minimal impact on your existing business.

Leading technology and software solutions

Nexus Partners has developed innovative technology and software based solutions that further increase the efficiency of the mortgage referral model, help you maintain control throughout the entire referral process, and reduce the amount of time required to implement this service within your existing business. All monthly administration and commission invoicing in prepared by Nexus Partners on your behalf with payments made to your nominated bank account in the month following settlement.

Free service with no volume requirements

The service offered by Nexus Partners and its panel of lenders is provided free of charge to your clients. Furthermore, we provide referral partners with a range of leading commission terms designed to suit a range of businesses regardless of the frequency of use. You can choose from leading commission terms underpinned by commission splits, fee for service or a combination of the two. All commission plans are designed with one common objective – to maximise the return to your business.

Quarantine clients from cross sales

Have you ever referred a client direct to a local lender or a mortgage broker only to find that the bank cut you out of the process and offered the client a product or service that competes with your core business activity? We see numerous examples of where this happens across the industry. With this in mind we have developed clear parameters with our lending partners to ensure that your clients do not receive product offers or services that compete with those offered by your business.