Referral Management System

Nexus Connect: Our Referral Management System

Nexus Connect was designed to provide a simple and compliant method by which our referral partners could manage the mortgage needs of their clients. Whilst we understand that mortgages might not be your core business activity, we are acutely aware of the need to provide both a cost and time effective way for you to make a referral on behalf of your client.

Nexus Connect helps you make referrals, communicate with lenders, track the progress of loans and obtain regular feedback from all parties on the status of referrals. This valuable tool is available as a web based solution that we believe surpasses any comparable process in the mortgage referral industry across Australia. We are also developing smart phone applications for IOS and Android which will allow you make referrals and track the status whilst you are on the move.

Our software provides the benefits of up to the minute feedback, direct lender updates, and ensures that paperwork, phone calls and emails are kept to a minimum.

Nexus Connect Referral Management System