Points of Difference

Our Points of Difference

Why choose us?

1. We specialise in referral aggregation

2. We provide you with a dedicated referral management system

3. We are experts in partnering with professional advisors

4. We build lasting relationships between banks and referral partners

5. We are industry experts in business development

6. We provide ongoing business development coaching and mentoring

7. We help strengthen the relationship between you and your client

Nexus Partners is an independent and privately owned business – why is this important?

A large percentage of the industries mortgage brokers are aligned to one of the large broking aggregators. These aggregators specialise in managing the needs of smaller brokers unable to obtain direct broking agreements with the lenders. A growing number of mortgage aggregators are now wholly or partially owned by one of the big banks who have been acquiring these businesses in recent years.

Our business remains truly independent, and something we believe has become a significant point of difference in the way we provide services for our referral partners and clients.

Are Nexus Partners just like a mortgage broker – how does the service differ?

No, we are not mortgage brokers, however we hold an Australian Credit Licence and have the same compliance and regulatory requirements as a mortgage broker or any service provider in the mortgage industry.

So how do we differ? Well, a fact often lost on consumers is that a mortgage broker does not have the capacity to approve a loan for a client on behalf of the lender. In many respects they are an order taker for the bank, they speak to the client, they complete the paperwork, but ultimately the lender will make the decision on whether a loan is approved for a broker’s client. Our service differs by providing referral partners and client’s direct access to experienced decision makers from some of Australia’s leading banks and lending institutions, all with lending approval authority.

If referrers or clients are unable to identify their preferred lender, they can use our Nexus Concierge Service to consider a range of options from lenders on our panel.

Why should professionals consider the mortgage referral model instead of using a mortgage broker?

The revenue potential of this model is compelling and we believe demonstrates a greater return for the time you in invest as compared to other third party mortgage channels.

Whether you choose to deal directly with a preferred lender, or use our Nexus Concierge Service the result is the same – you ultimately deal with a decision maker and retain greater control compared to handing clients to a third party.

We also believe your clients benefit from having access to a full range of banking services rather than a simple transactional service to obtain a loan. We ensure that your clients have access to experienced relationship managers who can provide the most appropriate banking solution, including business banking and private banking for high value clients.