Nexus Partners can provide mortgage referral solutions from a broad range of lenders on our panel. We have referral agreements in place with major banks, regional and second tier lenders, as well as a range of mortgage products provided by non-bank lenders.

A key point of difference with our business is the ability to connect clients and referral partners with lenders across all states of Australia, including regional and remote areas which are not always serviced by traditional mortgage brokers.

As a referral partner you have direct access to experienced managers from a national panel of lenders via our Nexus Connect software which manages client referrals, compliance requirements, as well as automatic updates on the status of the client’s mortgage transaction. Referrals take just a few minutes.

Nexus Concierge

Our Nexus Concierge mortgage advisory service provides referral partners with an alternative to dealing directly with preferred lenders on our panel.

If referral partners prefer to remain impartial in helping clients source a preferred lender there is an option to submit a client scenario directly to our experienced Nexus Concierge team who will deal directly with the client on your behalf.