Direct to lender debt solutions for your clients

May 15, 2018

As a professional trusted adviser, you are very well placed to assist your clients with their business and residential debt needs.

By implementing a debt solution you not only strengthen the relationship with your clients, but also have the opportunity to increase your revenue stream as well.

Just under half of all mortgages in Australia are sourced directly from the banks, and by implementing the Nexus Partners referral solution, you ensure that your client is dealing directly with a highly experienced and local banker who will be able to assist your clients with their full banking needs…not just their lending.


Who are Nexus Partners?


Established in 2007 and with over 100 years of collective banking & finance experience across our team, Nexus Partners’ innovative referral solution allows professionals to better manage the debt requirements of their clients, whilst receiving the majority of the commission revenue.


Why implement the Nexus Partners referral solution?


  • Our solution does not require you to provide credit advice or be a product specialist, but simply requires you to identify the client’s debt need and refer directly to a licensed specialist (banker) who will personally manage the client’s needs and keep you informed
  • You and your clients can access a range of banks from our panel, incorporating all facets of lending (residential, commercial, small business, specialist medico and vehicle & equipment finance)
  • Your clients are ring-fenced by the bank so that they are not cross-sold competing products (ie financial planning or risk insurance)
  • You will be kept informed throughout the referral process via Nexus Partners’ online referral management portal
  • You will receive the majority of the revenue made available by the banks
  • You get to join a large professional network of trusted advisers which in turn allows you to increase your network and business connections
  • Unlike referring to a mortgage broker who is a third party, you and your clients are dealing directly with an experienced banker who is the key decision maker
  • The revenue received from referrals can be used to offset client fees, attract new clients or re-invest back into your business


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