Newly renovated T.U.S in Torquay has a business vision like no other.

September 2, 2014

Start with a passion, an idea and a vision. That’s exactly what small business owners Ross and Ange set out to achieve with The Usual Suspects Coffee Co.


Nicely nestled in the industrial area of coastal town Torquay in Victoria, sits newly renovated T.U.S (The Usual Suspects) café which Nexus Partners consider the perfect place for the company’s weekly Monday morning W.I.P. Not only is the coffee great but the atmosphere is warm and inviting, offering lots of space for meetings and onsite parking.

Owners Ross and Ange have created something special here which shines through in their food, coffee and the natural design of their building. T.U.S Coffee Co began back in 2009, where Ross would spend hours a day roasting, preparing and drinking coffee in his garage. He soon realized that he wanted to share his passionate hobby and his creations with the local community, and so began his booming coffee business.

But this business is like no other on the Surf Coast. Ross and Ange have a vision of eventually creating a 100% sustainable business and they are well on their way. The new building renovation utilizes rustic timber tables, stylish shelves, exposed brick walls and roasting barrels, all of which have been created from recycled materials.“We wanted to keep the building as raw as possible, to create a natural space but to also educate our customers on sustainability,” says Ange. “It is important that our kids grow up in this kind of ethical environment.”



The building has 30 solar panels on the roof, filtered water tanks, LED lighting and a large compost area out the back which will soon be used to build their veggie garden. Everything from their biodegradable coffee cups, to grains and food scraps are currently being housed here and will be used to grow seasonal produce to sell in their café.

Ross and Ange’s vision of creating a business around a passion is inspiring to many. Their advice to small business owners is to never give up on your dream. “There are going to be many hurdles along the way but there is always a way to overcome them and a new pathway to discover.”

Next time you are in Torquay, make sure you drop in and grab a hand roasted coffee and maybe even something off their beautiful full vegetarian menu.

T.U.S Café is located at 4 Baines Crescent in Torquay. Opening hours are 7am to 4.30pm seven days a week.