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If you submit this Enquiry Form, this confirms that you wish to be contacted by your chosen lender for the purpose of discussing your lending needs. This document is managed by Nexus Partners Pty Ltd ABN 56 128 40, Australian Credit Licence  387734 (Nexus Partners). Nexus Partners will arrange to send your enquiry to your chosen lender. If you have not selected a preferred lender, your enquiry will be sent to a NAB representative to follow up with you (the preferred lending partner of Football QLD).

Representatives of Football QLD and Nexus Partners are not authorised to make any representations about loan facilities, including whether they are suitable for you. If you have any queries about loan facilities, please raise these with your chosen lender when they contact you.

If after sending your enquiry Form, you take out a loan:

Your chosen lender will pay Nexus Partners commission when the facility settles of up to 0.60% of the loan amount; and
Nexus Partners will pay Football QLD a commission to be distributed to your nominated local football club of up to 0.44% of the loan amount.

You will get more information from your chosen lender about the commission paid. You agree that your chosen lender will provide Nexus Partners with details about your loan.

Important Information from Nexus Partners
We are authorised to engage in credit activities including providing credit assistance to clients.

The information in your Enquiry Form will be used to help answer your enquiry and to ensure that, if you go ahead with a loan, a benefit is paid by Nexus Partners to Football QLD who will distribute that benefit to your local club and to enable Nexus Partners to report such details to your chosen lender.

Nexus Partners will not share this information with third parties other than lenders and lessors which we hold direct referral agreements with and only upon receiving your consent to do so. The information you provide us is handled in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the Privacy Act.

Collecting your personal information:
Information in your Enquiry Form will be used to help answer your enquiry and to ensure that if you go ahead with a  loan, a benefit is paid by Nexus Partners to Football QLD and Football QLD will pay this to your club.

By submitting this form you agree to the terms and conditions and confirm you understand the purpose of this form.

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